I do not sell to users below 18 years old, this applies for any type of commission.

I do not accept any cryptocurrency as payment.

Save this art to your computer
Share this art with others
Repost this art on other sites so long as link-backs and credit are given.

Claim this art as your own
Repost this art on other sites without properly crediting me.
Use this art commercially without my express permission (examples: putting the art on t-shirts and selling it)

I reserve the right to refuse to take a commission.

2.-Adopts/Designs Made by Me:

-You are allowed to make changes to any one-off/Non group designs you recieve from me. You don't need to ask for permission and there's no limits in here.

-For Species designs, please abide by the species rules, otherwise I have nothing else to add. Feel free to change the design if it is allowed in group rules.

-I'm allowed to choose whom I will sell and not sell designs to, while this is not likely to apply in most cases, I am fully allowed to refuse to sell a design to someone if I deem it appropriate.


All payments must be made upfront and in full in USD.
I will send WIPs on request (via email, DM, note (DA) or discord).
If you decide to cancel your order, a refund will be made based upon how much work has already been done. I will not issue full refunds if work has already been done on the commission.


Things I draw Frequently:
These are the usual! Stuff I draw a lot and that I'm glad to do frequently.

Harder/Complex Subjects:
These are themes I infrequently draw or that I consider take longer, these may have an extra charge depending on complexity. Please ask beforehand for any of these subjects.

Subjects I won't take:
These are themes I will NOT take on for whatever reason. Do not insist, repeated insistence will get you blocked/banned from commissioning me.